Artists who know their Tech. Technicians who know their Art.

It is truly inspiring to see the determination of Les Paul in realizing the sound he imagined in his head. The documentary Les Paul: Chasing Sound! showcased few of Les' discovery and how he artfully incorporated technology into his music making.

Les Paul's case serves as a good example of the advantage of the Artist who knows the working of the technologies to complement their work. The rapid technological development in the past few decades brought out incredible amount of people who really excel in the technological aspect of things, be it coding, software operation, hardware assemblage etc.

Nowadays knowledge of technology and art is really an essential requirement for working artists or technicians. A freelance musician really benefits from using technology in their advantage to promote and record materials. And in the case of the technician, having a sense of aesthetic help their work tremendously in say website coding and designing.

Les Paul's work really reminded me of Leonardo DaVinci, the archetype of a Renaissance man. The integration of art and technology will yield more people in the likes of Les Paul and DaVinci into our world in the future.


  1. Technology making more Renaissance folk is bound to change the cultural fabric. Les was not afraid to take apart a telephone, radio, reel-to-reel.

  2. There was that post-Great Depression sense of "making do" that has faded in the US in the last 10 years...Can you darn a sock to repair a hole?