Some PItch'in & Ditch'in.... try'in to make this project Bitch'in !!!!!!

Missed last week's pitch'in session, so here's to share some ideas I had in my mind...

Lets start the ditch'in ...


Sound for Video

Last Term I collected some footage from my performance piece, basically it was a 20 minute daily thing that lasted for 7 days. I thought it might be good to edit these footage down and to and play with the video sound source to the edited version.


Video on Sound

I am currently working on a brass quintet and tape piece that will be put forward to my senior recital next term. I used the 2/3 versus 1/3 relationships (1.5 which is extremely close to the golden mean 1.618.....) to generate the Marco and Micro structure for the piece. I thought it will be great to create a video that will accompany the music, visually act as a real time representation of the musical events that occur in the piece.

PITCH #2 [DITCHED for this class.... BUT end of year Art Minor show?]

Over the Summer, I spent my time working in the WLFM (LU RADIO STATION!)
A big part of my job is to "process" these unwanted promotional material. As in, taking apart the whole package, recycle the paper and jewel case and cd separately.

A sum of around maybe 2000 cds were "destroyed/abandoned" under my hand.

So much art and music are being created every single day. People put much efforts into it, yet these music under the commercial world are so disposable. Our radio station is probably a microcosm of the real world music industry, so much are being sent in and with the lack of time to review these materials, majority of these material are being judge by the promo write ups or even the album covers, these Cd might get played by us for maybe 1 minute or so, and most of them go to the reject bin.

Anyway, I kept all the disc and had an idea of creating aspace with sound installation that is accompanied by sculptures that incorporate these Cds.

Sort of a little honoring ceremony acknowledging all these artist, it really takes courage to believe in your art and putting yourself out there.

PITCH #3 [G is for Green is for Go]

I've been toying with the programming software now called Max5 for about 3 years now, and the most work I've done with it involves mainly with the audio capability of the software in situations like sound designing and improvising.

Last term, I worked a bit more on designing my own audio effects, as a reaction to the commercialized software available in the market.
The flexibility of Max5 allows me to think outside the parameters set by these commercial products and get into programming the specific kind of effects that is tailored to achieve the sound world that I have imagined in my head.

Max5 also contain equally powerful visual capabilities, and that is an unexplored domain for me. Its time for me to really look into it.

My observation is that there is a surge of electronic musicians in recent years, who handles both audio and visuals in their performance to give another layer of sensual experience for their audiences.The integration of visual into music seems to become more popular too, VJs (Video-Jockey) seems to be as important as the DJs.

In short, my personal goals for this class is to explore the capabilities of the software and learn to incorporate the technology in to art making.

The product will be an improvisation with live (hopefully interactive!) video feed.

Back up plan.

If all else fail, i will fulfill my final project requirement under the name of:
"Ongsitco Chan and his Failures"

I think its gonna be a mix of HipHop, and Trash.

Liam will be the beat boxer.

Jordan will be in charge of some heavy guitar riffage à la Metallica's early career.

I guess i will be the awkward kid in the group from the east, whoring my cultural identity out to make something that meets the popular taste of the WEST.

Heres song 1.

Rap + Future = Rapture

"{2 bars of beat box intro}

{beat box sets groove}

(enters rapper) I b Try'in, Rhym'in.

{1 bar beat box break down!!!}

Pitch'in..... {Guitar high squeals}

Ditch'in..... oh yeah....

{Guitar abruptly start some fast tempo guitar riffage, while Liam goes apeshit}

Bitch'in! {imitate a death metal growl, be as loud as possible.}"


  1. Wilmer, you never disappoint. No one knows where you are half the time and then you come up with all this material and unique idea out of nowhere. I think these pitches all have strong possibilities and I know that you always find ways to work through even the backfires in a plan that motivates you. I would definitely be up for contributing pitch number 4 and I recommend looking into fratello metallo and hatebeak, which are both metal band projects that would be up this same alley.

  2. We almost hope for the back up plan, but exploring Max will be even better. We wanted to get it too but it is $475 so we must wait until we can get funding for it next year.

  3. a pah pah tch
    a pah pah tch
    rick-a rick-a rick-a