Connecting Art and Life. LaurieAnderson

There's a lot for me to learn from Laurie Anderson's approach to her art. The special thing in her work , from performance pieces down to her exhibition works, is that they all reaches out and try to build a connection with all it's viewers.

Some of her fixed media work like the Talking Pillow (1977/1985) Small Handphone Table(1978) Telephone Tag have the quality of actively engage the audience with simplistic setup and audio loops.

In relation to my project, I ought to explore how a simple Audio Video piece could draw the audience attention and bring them into a particular state of mind. One way to approach it is through the detail considerations of what particular sound or image will be involve. I do want to keep my material very concise and in order to use maximize the effect of the sound, I ought to think about ways sound and visual connect with each other and how the combination will encourage one to imagine and yield more than a mere visual aural experience for the audience.

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  1. You too often add gravitas to simple actions. There is something otherworldly about such actions. They are meditations and a much needed departure from the everyday.