Bucky Ball

Upon viewing the Buckminster Fuller documentary, the biggest question I have is how much does the capitalist society hinder the success of his patented Dynamaxion ideas.

The idea of extracting maximum potential out of a minimum material is a fantastic idea, however it seems really contradictory to the working of a capitalist environment. Bucky's design essentially aims for cost effectiveness, and long term sustainability, it poses a stark contrast against the capitalist world that I experience, where all it is, is just a "do whatever need be to give oneself most benefit" cut throat cage battle. Most society suffers greatly under the system the fat man get fatter while all the other starve to death.

I imagine that Bucky's idea might work great in aids to Third World Countries. Third world support group ought to look into Bucky's design and explore weather those will ideas could be applicable.

Bucky's geodesic dome was once displayed in the 1965 World Expo, hopeful that his ideas could bring betterment among human being. I think the 20th Century failed on applying his idea, but we as 21st Century citizens should be more conscious about conserving out one and only Spaceship Earth.

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  1. Training "consumers" to squander natural resources took some doing and time. How to undo it? Maybe when the electricity to power the flat panel TV costs $500 month, his message will make more sense in the US.